Ten-Second Takeaway

Japanese brand Muji opened in Mumbai last weekend, but is it worth all the furor? We headed to Palladium in Lower Parel to see if less really is more at the minimalist brand.

The Good

For when we want folders and files, colourful pens and office accessories, Muji is what we need. We found simple brown and white paper letter-pads, envelopes, photo-albums, scrapbooks, postcards, you name it {stationery starts at INR 90}. We also found this passport-lookalike book {INR 90} in which we can fill in our own stories. Also, we can primp up any of the stationery we buy at their stamp counter.

Eating sushi is going to be even more of an art with these chopsticks from Muji. We really {really} liked the half-and-half wooden and orange coloured chopsticks here {INR 490}, even if we are in denial about our ability to use it correctly.

CDs may be an item bordering on vintage, but this wall-mounted CD player {they’re awaiting stock for this, approx INR 10,000} with a string to bring it to musical life is something we don’t mind raking out our old CD collection for. Pretty rad, right?

Finding our beaten up and bruised suitcase among a sea of luggage at the airport will be fun with these pop luggage tags. We especially liked the compass luggage tags {INR 550}, ones with tiny mirrors and one with a magnifying glass {because we are still kids at heart}.

Saying that, there is something about homely smells and essential oils {starts at INR 1490} that make us feel like all is right with the world. Try the spearmint, peppermint and sweet orange oils.

The Not-So-Good

When Muji said that they do things minimally, they meant it – but is less always good? We found ourselves not veering towards the clothing section too much, only because much of it was not that something we hadn’t seen before. If you do like buying cloth made from organic material, Muji has comfortable clothing to buy.

08082016-Muji-AP9The store has simple things you need for your home, but if we must be real – we aren’t always going to end up at Muji to buy our next towel rack or hanger, only because it isn’t any different and is more expensive.

So We’re Saying…

Want the basics which are of good quality? Head to Muji. Want unique, one-off pieces for your home? Maybe the Muji mojo isn’t for you.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB