Ten-Second Takeaway

Breakfast just became our favourite meal of the day – head to Desi Deli in Bandra and Andheri to taste their very exotic and new breakfast menu if you want to feel the same way.

Chow Down

All the regulars are available – eggs to order, toast, great granola and stewed fruit, smoothies, shakes and rich hot chocolate.

But the fun begins with the exotic menu, The signature Wahwah Brekky is a New Orleans treat made with oats, garlic mushrooms, tomato chutney, mustard, scrambled eggs and spinach, topped with artisanal sausage in white gravy. It’s served with a side of buttermilk biscuits and praline bacon. You can also try the veg version {minus sausages and bacon}. You can have it in a beer mug, or served as a New Orleans Desi in a plated avatar.


Or, you can treat yourself to a Venezuelan Arepa – it has a Desi gourmet touch – stuffed with paneer, salsa and sour cream. The Brekky Dog with scrambled eggs and artisanal sausage/chorizo is another winner.

Sip On

Wash down your desi breakfast with your choice of brew. Try the Tall, Dark and Desi – a custom roasted, organic coffee brewed in a French press. If it’s tea you crave, then the Yummy Temi from Sikkim is the way to go.

So, We’re Saying…

Desi Deli’s exotic breakfasts are here to make your weekend worth looking forward to.

Photos source: Desi Deli