Ten-Second Takeaway

A new delivery service in south Mumbai is now delivering their own take on desi food Рwhich includes taco bao and sriracha dumplings.

Chow Down

The new delivery service has a very versatile menu we’re excited about. The one dish we would recommend is their taco bao. Instead of soft tortillas, they’ve used freshly made baos and filled them with salsa, guacamole, Mexican beans, salad leaves, nacho chips and sour cream.

Also try their Sriracha dumplings {now that the coveted hot sauce is finally available in our city in abundance}, as well as their vegetarian wontons, which are tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.¬†We’re also interested by their extensive list of Oriental woks, such as the honey chilli wok and kung pao wok.

So We’re Thinking…

We think that if you live in south Mumbai {they’re currently delivering in areas including Parel, Cuffe Parade, Churchgate and Walkeshwar} this delivery service would be a fun way to spice up a work lunch. Allow for up to an hour for delivery time – as a newly launched delivery service, teething issues are inevitable.

Timings: 12.15pm to 11pm

Find them on Instagram here.

Featured photo source: Desi International