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Design Dharavi Museum

    Have You Checked Out The Design Museum Inside Dharavi?

    Jayati posted on 26 October

    What Is It?

    Design Museum Dharavi is back with their latest exhibition titled 'The Waterproof Project' that'll run from October 27 to October 29.

    Who Is It For?


    For those who have always been fascinated by the handiwork and art coming out of the community in Dharavi. The museum has been set up with an aim to culminate the skills and talent of the people living in the slums of Dharavi.

    Conceived by Amsterdam-based artist Jorge Mañes Rubio and art historian Amanda Pinatih, and opened to public in February 2016 in Dharavi is a wonderful concept and a first-of-its-kind. The Design Museum Dharavi's focus is to uplift the skilled labour in the lanes of Dharavi and feature workshops, exhibitions and showcase it to the people of Dharavi and outsiders.

    By aiding the local community via these exhibitions - the aim is to reflect the migrant diaspora of Dharavi - which has at least one million dwellers living in the haphazard conditions shown in the movies and on media a.k.a Slumdog Millionaire-esque coverage. Following the successful exhibitions in February, they are back with a new exhibition titled 'The Waterproof Project'. We've been told though the museum is open to everyone - the idea behind the museum is to mobilise people of Dharavi to come and see what wonders they are capable of.

    Why Should I Go?


    The Waterproof Project is exciting and innovatively bringing together the leather makers of Dharavi together to put together a series of waterproof bags, belts, boxes and more. However, instead of using leather the workers have experimented with tarpoline - something the community sees regularly during the monsoon - on the roads, roofs and everywhere one lays their eyes on. To capture this familiarity and create something new - the workers have worked with tarp to create wonderful bags, shoes and boxes that'll be up on a display at the museum.

    Since it's a mobile exhibition and changes its locations within Dharavi - a new location has been chosen for the project.

    Anything Else?

    Design Museum Dharavi is a special project that combines the arts and cultural activities and brings them to the most down trodden yet functional slum of Asia, Dharavi. They keep organising such exhibitions, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for event updates.

    Where: 90ft Road, behind Dharavi Police Station, Block 5, Husania Masjid & Maulana Azad School Ground

    Timings: The shows opens on October 27 at 3pm until 7pm and will be open again on October 28 and October 29 {same timings}.

    Find the event on Facebook here.

    Photos source: Design Museum Dharavi

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