Ten-Second Takeaway

We take a sneak peak at Love Genration – a casual, easy on the pocket clothing line which we can now find at Shopper’s Stop, Juhu.

What To Buy


Designed by Nandita Mahtani, Bhavana Pandey and Dolly Sidhwani, the idea behind the collection is to make high-end fashion more affordable. This printed shrug {on the right}, for example, is a great way to protect your skin while looking stylish. The fabric is light lets you breathe {much needed in this humidity anyway}. At INR 1999, it seems like a good investment since shrugs go with everything.

A beautiful dongri was proudly flaunting itself on a hanger and immediately had us thinking of lunch date attire. Pair it up with a plain white/grey T-shirt to go to that brunch/drunch you’ve been meaning to go to. The printed black and white number {on the left} can be carried off by a few but looks fabulous when done right. It’s edgy and has a no-nonsense vibe to it, which we like. Available at INR 2,299, it sure looks slick if you’re trying to pull off a ‘don’t mess with me’look when paired with minimal jewellery.

This slightly peppy but still in touch with its dark side jacket seen above is a fun thing to don when on a mischievous night out with friends. it’s comfy and you won’t have to worry about your off shoulder top {cause you will choose this instead}. Bye frills, hi comfort. The bomber jacket will cost you INR 3,399.

An important dinner meeting? Dressing to impress? The black dress seen above has your back provided you’ve got the back to carry it off. It can make you go from Plain Jane to Foxy Knoxy in minutes. Priced at INR 2,099.

So, We’re Thinking…

The collection doesn’t have you scouring through for hours, you”ll instantly take a liking to at least one thing. Big up for the pricing.

Photos courtesy: Love Genration