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Skip The Pills And Eat Farm Fresh & Healthy Microgreens From This Brand!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Did you know that microgreens are a superfood? And now you can buy them fresh across Goa! I am one of those that would rather eat a natural option, than popping a multivitamin or any other pill. I have been eating microgreens for a while now without even realising what they were, let alone their multiple health benefits. A chance encounter after finding a box of InThePink microgreens in my local supermarket in Goa piqued my curiosity as to why they are called a superfood. Until then, I thought that they just garnish for decorative purposes.

    All my research made me realise that microgreens are great providers of a plethora of vitamins, minerals and so much more, that too with up to 40 times more nutrition than in the fully grown versions of the same vegetables. Not to mention that they are really tasty, I mean I just love mustard but putting mustard sauce on everything might be a challenge. But putting mustard microgreens on my Omelette or the peas curry was definitely a delightful explosion of flavour.

    The top 3 things for me are definitely how easy they are to use. No complicated recipes or preparations needed. Just sprinkle them on any dish you make. Secondly, how tasty they are. Every dish that I added them onto, definitely enhanced its flavour.
    And lastly, unlike most organic produce, they were very affordable for Rs 99 per box, and available in some 25 plus varieties. You can also get a box at the same price with two different varieties, or even something they call InThePink Mix which has maybe 4-5 different varieties, again for the same price.

    Add on the fact that InThePink microgreens farm is stocking them at quite a few supermarkets across the North and South of Goa, clears old stock every 2-3 days and replenish it with fresh stock, as well as does home delivery in areas where there is no supermarket, provided it's an order of 25 boxes minimum, makes us folks living in Goa happy.

    It seems they even have a farm coming up in Mumbai and will soon be launching their microgreens there too. They are also launching a range of microgreens based chutneys and health juices too in both these markets. So no more multivitamins for me for sure, henceforth microgreens is all that I will need probably.