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This Company Will Deliver Everything You Need To Play Laser Tag At Home


    Make a regular scene at your place {much} more fun by playing laser tag at home via Blue Bulb.

    You’re It!

    Doing the same old things at home can often become a dull affair, and it’s fun to switch up the activities from the usual binging and drinking. Bring out your inner vigilante, and as opposed to heading out, get laser tag home instead.

    How it works is that you are provided with eight laser tag guns, sensor vests on which the infrared lights work even in daylight, a central computer that tracks scores and of course, people to help you play the game at home.

    There will be also different game scenarios that they will organise, making it a fun party for all. The price is INR 13,500 for up to 30 people, and each session lasts for three hours. Although there are only eight guns for each person to play at a time, you can keep switching it up and playing in groups. Even if you effectively get even 15 of your friends home for a party, the cost per head is INR 900, and keeps going lower.

    So, We’re Saying…

    If this seems difficult to host at home, why not suggest this for your next office party? It will be awesome to see everyone at their competitive silly best, and even more fun to shoot at your boss without any consequences.

    Book your slot here.