Ten-Second Takeaway

The Boston Cupcakery recently opened a branch in Bandra, and it has so much more than just cupcakes to boast of.

Chow Down

This Bandra branch is an all-day café which now has a vast menu with as much savoury as sweet to offer, unlike the outlets in other neighbourhoods. You can go there to munch on savoury waffles, such as a barbecued chicken waffle, or a vegetarian beetroot and hummus, or a potato rosti waffle with cream cheese in it {potato and cheese lovers, it’s a happy world}.

They are also serving greens on a plate with their salad options such as the spicy peanut Thai salad. Surprisingly if you like pairing your dessert with keema pao, they serve that too as the Hyderabadi mutton keema.

Sip On

Their drinks are on the sugary side. Cupcake shakes, cupcakes ice-creams, cupcake everything dominates here. They also serve dessert coffees such as Nutella coffee.

So, We’re Saying…

When in Bandra next, dropping in here for one mini cupcake and staying back to finish a full-blown meal definitely seems like it’s on the cards. But we don’t worry, they’ve got green tea on the menu for a detox session as well.

Photos source: The Boston Cupcakery