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    #DreamJobs: 5 Cool Jobs For Those Who Like To Be Out & About

    Mary posted on 10 April

    Mumbai might be considered the city of dreams, but how many of us are following our dream career? As pseudo-experts on dream jobs {all thanks to Google}, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of cool professions that will let you see the world and not bind you to a cubicle or desktop. That’s a start, right?

    A word of caution, nonetheless; while it is always fun to pursue your passion, it requires grit, determination and a lot of sweat! But if you believe in yourself and are ready to push the boundaries, we have our list ready, just for you.

    PS: No traditional jobs were harmed in the process of writing this story.

    Tour Guide

    Many of us might have participated in Mumbai darshan during our younger days {especially when our relatives came calling}, but trust us, guided tours have come a long way. And now you get a chance to lead them. There are companies like Seek Sherpa that organise guided tours for small groups, led by locals who are willing to show others a glimpse of the city they love.

    So choose a neighbourhood you know well and sign up, because this is one job that might tire you physically, but will reward you with new experiences {and people} everyday.


    From glorious monuments from the past to new and upcoming urban sites, Mumbai is a visual delight to any photographer. So if you are one of those people who is always found behind the camera, and love thinking in frames, a career in photography might just be your calling. And while that might mean long working hours and hectic travel, the magic of clicking beautiful images will definitely make up for all the effort.

    Need some inspiration? Head to Volte, Chemould Prescott Road Gallery or Tasveer, all of which showcase some incredible art. Grab a friend and go this weekend maybe?

    Travel Writer

    Are you one of those who is always dreaming of faraway locations and planning their next holiday? Well, put your wanderlust to proper use and get packing to deliver. Long trips, short trips, roughing it out, indulging yourself, all at someone else’s expense. This has win-win written all over it, right? So even though you might have to live out of the suitcase, this is one job that will revive your soul in the true sense.

    Hospitality Communications

    You know all those cool venues like antiSOCIAL where you have incredible music, art and dance by upcoming artists? Well the truth is that they do not happen randomly, and there is one person who is responsible for scouting all that talent and bringing it to the forefront. The best part? That person could be you.

    The only drawback is that you might have to do extensive research {both by traveling and reading} to keep up with all the trends and new artists on the scene, so that only the best go on stage. But that’s a small price for a job where you get to listen to the work of upcoming artists. Who knows, you might be the first one to listen to a musician before they become globally famous.

    Stand-Up Comedian

    Comedy is serious business and if you believe that there is nothing better than making a person laugh, then stand-up comedy might be the right choice for you. The best way to start? You can either start a YouTube channel, similar to the one started by Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath {Pretentious Movie Reviews} or sign up at Canvas Laugh Club, which gives many new artists a chance to perform in front of a live audience. It might be tough to crack the big scene, but if you are ready to sweat it out, there is nothing to stop you from taking over the comedy scene in your city.

    These jobs are cool and fun, but it is important that you remain passionate, despite all the obstacles {read long hours, hectic schedules and endless travel}. How? Simple, with a bottle of #7UPRevive that contains vitamins and electrolytes. Whether you have to travel to an unknown location to write a travel story or show people your city in the hot summer months, don’t forget to add this to your bag, because dealing with #SweatLossRecharge effectively can help you combat your summer woes.

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