Ten-Second Takeaway

Your Tuesdays are about to get a lot more fun with Quarter House selling drinks for INR 69.

What Is It?

Quarter House calls itself ‘your friendly neighbourhood bar’ and is situated in Mahim. They have an offer every Tuesday that holds the potential to change meaning of 69. Every Tuesday, a small peg costs INR 69 and a large peg only INR 99. That really is friendly, tbh.

How Does It Work?

The offer includes Royal Challenge, Director’s Special for whisky lovers, Romanov for vodka drinkers, McDowell’s dark rum and Blue Ribbon gin. The offer is valid all day {4pm-1am} and aims to turn around a mundane Tuesday into a hungover Wednesday.

To go with the drinks, there’s foot-tapping music and dishes like Malwani Aglio Oli {interesting!} at INR 300, smoked biryani at INR 350, stuffed pao {mutton, chicken, kheema at INR 150 and lots more.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’ve had a bad Tuesday, head here for a better night. If you’re already living it up, take it up a notch. Tuesday is ignored anyway so let’s give it some bhav {attention}.

Featured Photo: Pexels