What Is It?

Thyme Bistro at Huma Mall is giving an insane offer all of this month – you can now drink five drinks {choose from rum, gin, vodka, whiskey and beer} for INR 99 all month.

Who Is It For?

Thyme Bistro at Huma Mall, Kanjurmarg clearly believes that it’s important to de-stress. And to make our lives a lot happier and not empty our wallets, the good folks from this bistro have announced a very exciting offer. They believe every penny counts, and so they’re offering five drinks for just INR 99. Which means, you can drink rum, gin, vodka, whiskey and everyone’s favourite, beer for less than INR 100. How amazing is that? So, walk in any day and at any time this month at thyme Bistro and drink for INR 99.


Photo source: Pixabay

Why Should I Go?

 Apart from this, the all day cafe and bar which is a corporate den and promotes co-working out of here, is becoming every real workaholic’s darling, because it now offers a flat 20 per cent discount on a food and drinks bill for corporate employees who flash their visiting card/corporate ID. Is this even real? It is, it is.

Anything Else?

Who would want to miss out on an offer like that? How about you get ready and meet us there already?

Featured photo courtesy: Thyme Bistro