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Diwali Cleaning In Full Swing? Check Out E-Daan To Donate Your Old Stuff

Shalvi posted on 29th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

This Diwali {or all year round}, don’t discard your used clothes. Instead, donate them to those in need via e-Daan.

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Do you have clothes, books, bags, accessories, or even home items that you don’t use anymore? Then here’s your chance to make a difference in just one click. Check out e-Daan, a website that will sort you out for everything.

Diwali means a lot of cleaning up. So this year, instead of discarding all the unused items or those you don’t need anymore, make use of them for something wiser- log on to e-Daan and donate them to those in need. The website module is rather simple – you sign up, fill out a form, the organisers will then connect with the rights NGOs and have the material picked up from your doorstep {and you will know exactly where your donations are being used}. Isn’t that simply awesome?

So whenever you’re up for some cleaning and find yourself wondering what to do with all the excess and unnecessary stuff you’ve got, you simply can donate it all without thinking twice.

So, We're Saying...

A small action by you can make a world of a difference to someone else’s life, so why not? All you need to do is just click and you’re done.

Click here to check out their website.


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