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Feast On A Ten-Course Anglo-Indian Dinner This Weekend In Bandra

Shalvi posted on 28th September

What Is It?

When east meets west, you get a delicious Kolkata special Anglo-Indian feast by home chef Pia Promina that comprises duck roast, mulligatawny soup, vindaloo and more.

Who Is It For?

For the culinary adventurers among us. Authenticook will bring to you a one-of-a-kind Kolkata Anglo-Indian feast, which is unlike any other culinary experience, as it will bring together aspects of Dutch, English and Portuguese cuisines.

Why Should I Go?

For the amazing menu. Starting with fish cutlets for appetisers, the meal will progress to the mulligatawny soup with mutton {an English soup with origins in Indian cuisine, it is served with rice and lime} and brinjal farci {half brinjals stuffed with mince, baked and served with a tomato sauce and salad}.

For the main course, get ready to gorge on tempered babalok {a spicy dry prawn curry made the Anglo-Indian way}, duck roast with coconut gravy, Kolkata pork vindaloo {an age-old recipe passed on to the home-chef by her mother’ friend, and is the Anglo-Indian preparation of vindaloo}, jhaal firezi {generally a rechauffe dish which is made with left-over roasted buffalo meat and is a dry and spicy dish served with potatoes}, yellow rice and pepper water {this dish is similar to rasam and is eaten hot with warm rice, any time during the meal or at the end of it}. The dishes will all be served with bread, pickles, chutney, relish and salads. Finally for the sweet craving, end your meal with steamed pudding with custard.

Anything Else?

The lavish menu will be available for INR 1,499, and make sure you sign up for it now, before hungry diners take over all the eight seats for the dinner. Who wouldn’t like to end their week on such a happy note? If you love food as much as we do, then make your way to Bandra this Sunday evening and make the most of this unique dining experience.

What: Calcutta Anglo-Indian Feast

Where: Bandra West {full address will be disclosed after registration}

When: 8pm, Sat, Oct 1

Price: INR 1,499

Check out the event on Facebook here.

Photos courtesy: Authenticook


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