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Love Bar Stock Exchange? Here's What The BSE Team Is Serving Us Next


Mr. Baozi is a pan-Asian eatery from the owners of Bar Stock Exchange and is located in Kamala Mills {which is anyway one of our favourite food destinations}. We explore the offerings.

What Is It?

A 5000-sq ft Asian gastro-pub establishment, Mr. Baozi is designed much like an Asian fine-dine and encourages the concept of meals to be had at leisure, unlike fast food. The eatery promises to offer a wide array of unique, gluttonous baos to match the sophisticated yet relaxed interiors {they have stone seating}. There’s also an open sushi bar with a selection of hand rolled sushis, sashimis and nilgiris {for when you’re not getting it home-delivered}.

Their cocktails are everything that is South East Asia (when it comes to flavours and presentation). With exclusive molecular cocktails created by international bartenders and a wine cellar, Mr. Baozi seems to be our next destination for a casual din-din date with friends.

So We're Thinking...

Since baos are one of our favourite things {after pizza, of course}, we like the casual and intimidating vibe that Mr.Baozi sounds like it comes with.