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Fastest Foodie First: Eating Competitions To Test Your Appetite

    Manners matter. Or do they? Eating challenges in this city show no remorse to those who are slow and dainty. If you have found yourself in situations where you have been the one to gobble up food and stare in a bored manner at those eating slow, maybe you should try out one of these outrageous food challenges in Mumbai.

    The Death Wings Challenge

    Those who are rather proud of their spice tolerance levels should take this Death Wings challenge at Social. The Death Wings are marinated chicken wings, infused and tossed in flaming hot Kolhapuri red chilli. Scared? We hope not. The challenge is to have it one go, without any help of water. Free lemonade for you if you can go through with. If you can’t, well, there’s always water.

    Price: INR 220 {plus taxes} for a plate of Death Wings

    The XL Burger Challenge

    The Little Door

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    The Little Door’s XL burger challenge really pushes you with its nine layers. If you polish off the plate of the XL burger in less than three minutes, then you win yourself a whole month of free beer. Burgers and beers are the way to go, correct?

    Price: INR 363 for the XL burger

    Khade Chamach Ki Chai Challenge

    SodaBottleOpenerWala is not just quirky with its take on the Iranian cafes which spot the city, but also because of its wacky idea of the Khade Chamach Ki Chai.

    The tea here has so much sugar in it that it makes a spoon stand upright without resting on the rim of the glass. This is a single person challenge.If you can drink this tea, you will be declared a winner and you go home with INR 60 saved and a high chance of diabetes.

    ‘Another cube of sugar, please,’ will ask no one ever after this.

    Price: INR 60 for the tea {if you lose}


    The Zoo Bar at Vile Parle will be holding a variety of food challenges called the Triple X Challenge from next month. Check out their Facebook page here.