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Vegetarians, Head To This Egyptian Pop-Up For Sunday Brunch Tomorrow

Nupur posted on 22 October

What Is It?

An all-vegetarian Egyptian street food pop aims to delight our taste buds with authentic flavours from the land of the pyramids. Hosted by Bhakti Mehta Khatri, the pop-up will be held at her residence in Khar with a limited seating for 12 people this Sunday.

The menu is designed to take one on a culinary journey that goes beyond shawarmas. There's Ful Medames {fava beans stuffed in pita bread slow cooked overnight}, Tameya {yellow flava beans and dill leaves}, Umm Ali {Egyptian puff pastry} and Moussaka {an eggplant-based baked dish}. You'll need to shell out INR 999 to eat the spread and one-and-a-half hours {12.30pm-2pm} to relish the meals served.

Who Is It For?

If you're a culinary explorer who goes beyond the popular dishes, you should head here.

Why Should I Go?

Although it is an all-vegetarian affair it'll be interesting to gorge on the dishes while delving deep into experiences from Egypt. The host is Mumbai-born and Cairo-bred.

Anything Else?

Since it's a limited-seating event, it's always advisable to pre-book your spot. You can register for it here. Address will be sent upon confirmation.

Featured photo source: Jules via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]