There are two things that act as a blanket and provide a sense of comfort during the festive season. One, the fact that everybody is joyful and two, mulled wine. While the former is a slave to conditions, the latter isn’t. Here’s a list of people who’ll make you cosy with a bottle of mulled wine.

Mav’s Bakery, Waroda Road

Photo source: rpavich via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Photo source: rpavich via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Mav’s bakery at Waroda Road is a hidden gem that doles out delicious Christmas menu ever year. This year, they have cake pops, rum balls, a sticky toffee pudding, a date and walnut cake, and a lot more. To go with that you can order a bottle of their mulled wine at INR 900 for 750 ml. They’re also making mulled wine jellies for you to pop.

Aditi Keni


Photo source: Aditi Keni

We told you about Aditi Keni who sells bottles of mulled wine every Christmas with an Austrian recipe. She makes her own ferment of the pulpy merlot variety of grape grown in Nashik simmered with locally available stone fruit {cherries, plums, apricots},assorted citrus {oranges, limes, kumquats} ,mulling spices {black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg}, sugar and raisins. She’s now decided to make a second batch of 200 bottles {350 ml each}which will be up for sale at INR 350 per bottle. It’s meant to be drunk hot/warm¬†{the alcohol affects you faster} and she’s also doing a non-alcoholic version for kids {or that friend who doesn’t drink}.

The price is inclusive of delivery charges and they deliver within city limits.

Small Wonder

Photo source: Angela Huster via Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

Photo source: Angela Huster via Wikimedia Commons (CC0)


Ritu, who’s based out of Chembur is making a batch with herbs, spices like cinnamon bark, clove and even ginger. You can call her at +919820602183. They’re not doing deliveries so you’ll have to go and pick it up from her house in Chembur. You’ll be charged INR 1,300 for a 750 ml bottle.

Featured photo source: Pixabay