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Explore Bandra's Past And Present With A Heritage Walk This Weekend

Apoorva posted on 04 October

What Is It?

A heritage walk this weekend will explore the culture of Bandra as a neighbourhood - including its communities, art, history and culture.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who has a soft spot for Bandra {really, who doesn't?} and has always wanted to know a little more about the suburb, which has always struck as a beautiful balance between its many communities, cultures, and even times - with Anglo aunties and the fishing community co-existing with juice bars and aerial yoga classes.

Why Should I Go?

Bandra is one of Mumbai’s most fascinating neighbourhoods, but we often get fixated with the cobble streets, little cafes, and dare we say it—film star-adorned houses. No more, as this Past & Present walk focuses on the unique physical spaces, character and cultures of Bandra today, along with its history and legacies from the past. Hosted by Alisha Sadikot, who is an independent museums and heritage education professional, we’d give this walk a go.

Anything Else?

The walk will last for two and a half hours, so we think it's total value for money. It will begin at Land's End on Carter Road, visit the remains of the 17th century Castella de Aguada, popularly known as the Bandra Fort, climb up Kane Road to Mount Mary Church, extend to a walk to Ranwar village, one of Bandra’s few surviving village communities, and end at Hill Road.

Where: The walk begins at Carter Road

When: 8am, Sat, Oct 8

Price: INR 599 per participant

Contact: write in to

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