Fabulous February is here! The shortest month has a long weekend this year and we’re excited. In order to make it awesome for you, we compiled these awesome recommendations you can check out, taking each day as it comes. Take your calendar out and mark these., folks.

February 1

Always a good idea to start the month with booze. You can pop some Oreo shots for INR 45 andOld Monk for INR 20 at Hoppipola. Go here and do it.

February 2

The second day is always good for some ice cream – specially if it’s from Korea. Go here and do it.

February 3

If that ice cream tasted too good, then you should do this trek too and taste some achievement. Go here and do it.

February 4

Kala Goda Arts Festival is back and going on the first day is always a good idea. Go here and see it.

February 5

Shake off some toxins and sip on some healthy concoctions at Five Fat Monks. Go here and try it.

February 6

Don’t fall in a rut and try your hand at these dance classes you can join with your boyfriend. Go here and do it.

February 7

Did you know that there’s a court museum in the Bombay High Court? We’re not lying, milord. Go here and visit it.

February 8

It’s a great day to watch some baby Olive Ridleys escape into the sea. Go here and do it.

February 9

Start your own herb garden? Why not. Start here.

February 10

Dedicate this day to your doggo or other doggos if you don’t have one. Visit these pet-friendly parks. Check them out here.

February 11

Saturday night fever? Get it started by hiring a disco ball for INR 100 from this guy. Check it out here.

February 12

Make a Sunday productive by playing some tennis. You don’t need a membership for these courts. Read the full list here.

February 13

Poop is the answer, sometimes. Order these stationery items made out of elephant poop if you care for the environment. Read more here.

February 14

If you’re all about the romance on Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of places you can head out to for a good old-fashioned candle light dinner. Get the list here.

February 15

Have a love affair with food? Declare it by having this 10-course meal at Global Chaos starting INR 1000.

February 16

Cat lovers can throw a cat party with these cat-themed saucers. Obviously, fish soup will be served to the cats. Start here.

February 17

Rum ice cream? It’s a reality at Scoopalicious. Read more here.

February 18

Tonight’s the night when you can play Joey at this F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed party. Find out more here.

February 19

Sundays are meant for beer, sangrias and drinking games. Mondays suck anyway, the least we can do is make Sundays awesome. Check it out here.

February 20

There’s no fixed day to proclaim your love for animals. Specially when it’s dogs. Perfect day to get these dog yoga mats. Go here.

February 21

Say hi to pies and tiramisu at home or your work desk. This service has got your back. Read more here.

February 22

Instead of killing time at work watching a web series, why not plan for the long weekend that’s up ahead? Get planning here.

February 23

Travelling with boo? Head to Lavasa and have some quite time. Read more here.

February 24

If you’re not the trekking or outdoor activities kind, stay in and take a look at these gorgeous Air BnBs you can stay at. Check it out here.

February 25

If travelling on the long weekend is not your jam, how about unlimited dimsums and Sushi at Shiro? All for INR 995. Yes. Go here.

February 26

This waffle truck is perfect to laze around at if you’re in town. Check it out here.

February 27

These people owe their fitness to these trainers. Close the month with some inspiration and get going. Read more here.

February 28

End February on a fantastic note by picking up a skill. Guitar, for starters. Read about this class that happens in a park, here.