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Offers, Cheers And Beers: 5 Bars To Watch The FIFA World Cup In Mumbai

    The teams have arrived. The goal post is standing tall. And we’ve got our list of places ready that are offering exciting deals, so you can cheer your lungs out as you chug. As 736 players from 32 countries come together to play FIFA 2018, the coming month starting June 14 is going to be every bit exciting.

    While Live It Up, the FIFA anthem for 2K18, is not exactly how we wished it to be (we are more than happy continuing to Waka Waka), we know for sure the matches are going to be worth not missing out at all! So for the coming month, forget going home and catch the screening at your nearest bar.

    Hello Guppy, BKC

    Hello Guppy

    Bandra East, Mumbai

    Japanese flag buntings all over, servers are wearing Japanese flag bandanas and we’re assuming they’re supporting Japan too, this Japanese eatery is all set to screen FIFA 2018.

    Deal(s) available: A 3+1 deal on select beers like Budweiser, Corona and a few others. And a special finger food menu with both vegetarian options – Shichimi butter popcorn, sweet potato skewers, tomato Nanban, and beetroot Senbei with creamy Kimchi veggies; and non-vegetarian options – crispy chicken Katsu, pork Shumai, fish skewers in Tobanjan, and wasabi prawns. They are also serving cocktail pitchers at a special price of INR 999, and a tray of six shots for INR 599.

    What else do they have? A Wheel of Fortune where you can try your luck. Go ahead, spin it and stand a chance to win additional discounts, buy-one-get-one on draught beer, and a free mojito or a bowl of peanuts.

    Copa, Juhu


    Juhu, Mumbai

    When the Copa (glass in Spanish) is raised, you say cheers. Keeping their vibe of forever celebrations going, big screens have been set up to screen FIFA 2018 beginning June 14.

    Deal(s) available: 5+1 Kingfisher for INR 899, Bira 5+1 for INR 1,400, six shots of Jagerbomb (for every time your team scores) for INR 2,998, six shots of Kamakazi for INR 899 (for every time your team doesn’t score), and a classic cocktail pitcher priced at INR 999.

    What to munch on? Chef’s special silken mutton galauti kebab, grilled spinach and cheese stuffed baked mushroom.

    Nau Se Barah 9/12, Navi Mumbai

    Nau Se Barah 9/12

    Kopar Khairane, Mumbai

    This popular movie bar is taking your celebration up a couple of notches. A place fit to go out with family (we just hope all of you support the same team) to watch the World Cup, Nau Se Barah understands that football is best enjoyed with beer.

    Deal(s) available: Beer bucket + two starter combos starting at INR 1,349 for Kingfisher goes up till INR 1,699 with Budweiser Magnum. If your chugging abilities are more polished, go for the beer tower + two starter combo starting at INR 1,999 for a Bira tower, and INR 1,299 for Fosters.

    What to munch on? Chilli cheese fries, dragon chilly bhel, harissa murgh tikka, wok tossed chicken, cheese chicken wings fiery, or butter garlic chicken balls.

    Monkey Bar, Bandra

    Monkey Bar

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    With its outdoor and indoor seating, we reckon Monkey Bar’s already cheerful ambience, giant screens, and a good crowd is an added advantage to cheer for your favourite team here.

    Deal(s) available: They have brought famous football snacks from around the world that will constitute the FIFA special menu, ‘Halftime’. Like the football farsan – munchies including curry and parmesan popcorn, chili and rosemary coated peanuts, and foxnuts in honey and togarashi; Mexican wave – soft flour tortilla with honey and chipotle chicken served with pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and sour cream; Kahn’s hot dog – chicken or pork sausages in a hot dog bun with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, charred pepper sauce, and sweet pickle relish; and No. 10 – chili pork belly toasted in roasted garlic, chili and shallots. For the drinks, they will have some bottomless pitchers and beers, and a round of shots served every 45 minutes at half price.

    What else do they have? A space divided into two parts, each arena for the team playing that day so you can pick your side and stick to it (thus averting any possible fan hustles and brawls).

    O Pedro, BKC

    O Pedro

    Bandra East, Mumbai

    Goa loves football. And so O Pedro, the classic Goan eatery in BKC, had to come up with a special FIFA menu. A spacious joint that has its doors open for young and old alike, the FIFA menu has varied options with their names heavily laden with football references.

    Deal(s) available: Beer cocktails (INR 550 per serving, and INR 2,600 for a pitcher), Ki Whis Ki (INR 600 for a serving, and INR 2,800 for a pitcher), and IPA LIIT (INR 500 per serving, and INR 2,300 for a pitcher).

    What to munch on? Port wine and garlic liver pate spiced with Goan chillies and mace for INR 140, Aunty Vaishali’s onion rings for INR 325, and smoked fish fritters seasoned with olives and capers for INR 375. They are also doing Pray-Go – steak sandwich with roasted peppers and mustard for INR 450.