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    #LifeGoals: These #FitToFight Awardees Will Inspire You To Achieve The Impossible!

    Anushka posted on 08 January

    What Is It?

    Whoever said  ‘girls don’t fight’, hasn’t heard of the countless women who have been bringing tremendous change in our society. And, acknowledging these stories and assuring that #GirlsDontFight, Reebok recently held the #FitToFightAwards, 2017 where extraordinary women and girls from various fields were felicitated by brand ambassadors Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Malaika Arora. If you are looking for some inspiration, these stories will surely give your new year a great start.

    Masaba Gupta - Fashion Icon

    Not all privileges work in your favour, and that is true for Masaba Gupta. Trolled viciously for her ideas online, and name-called, Masaba had to rise above the hatred society threw at her. And in doing so, she not only became a fashion icon but also led Satya Paul as a creative director. A truly inspiring story that is worthy of the #FitToFightAward.

    Geetha Sridhar – Mother Of 28 Formerly Orphaned Children

    After hearing the news of her father’s diagnosis with cancer and her 8-year-old daughter shaving her hair off in support of a friend undergoing chemotherapy, Geetha Sridhar decided to do everything in her power to make life of orphaned children who were suffering from cancer, better. And she did just that by adopting 28 orphaned kids and looking after them. Today these children have a safe sanctuary in her home, access to medical care and most importantly, love and affection from Geetha.

    Dr. Seema Rao – India’s Wonder Woman

    A pioneer of close quarter battle, Dr. Seema Rao is India’s first woman commando trainer. She has been training the Indian Special forces for 18 years sans compensation. Her dedication to serve the country knows no bounds, and she is known to have modernized the combat shooting.

    RJ Malishka – The Pothole Saga

    After her video went viral which showed the sad state of affairs of the potholes in Mumbai, BMC and a political party took to punish her for the same. But instead of getting bogged down by this, RJ Malishka took it all in good spirit and had her stance vindicated when other RJ’s and public came to her support. For never giving up and reporting the issues plaguing the city, RJ Malishka was awarded the #FitToFightAward.

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