Jayati posted on 10th November

Check Out These Mumbai Men On Instagram To Get Serious Fitness Goals

Ten-Second Takeaway

Being fit in Mumbai comes with its host of challenges. Either we are constantly working or our timings don’t allow us to actually get out there and long distance travelling can make us lazy. We decided to get some social media inspiration for you – Mumbai men to follow for fitness goals so if you feel uninspired and demotivated – their posts pep you up to sign up for a class and workout.

Hiren Shah

Hiren Shah is a Mumbai-based fitness freak. His motivational fitness posts capture his daily routine and diet plans. He follows a vegetarian diet and wants fellow herbivores to know it is possible to stay fit and workout sans meat or eggs. He works out six days a week {barring Sundays}, and even goes rowing or kayaking.

Sundays are reserved for swimming and he also does interval training for body, cardio and more. Follow him because he will soon start a blog post about his diet plans and that will be your go-to point for #fitness goals.

Laveen Manghnani

Laveen Manghnani is a fitness Vlogger and Youtuber you can follow on Instagram. He is a gym freak and regularly keeps posting about his motivational workout session from squats to bench presses to including the posts about his diet. Looking for some serious fitness goals? He is your go-to guy for inspiration on Insta.

Milind Soman

Every day is a one way trip. #Live2Inspire

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Milind Soman aka our future hubby needs no introduction and he is on this list purely because we love him to death – apart from all the crazy fitness goals he gives us every single day. He is 50 and he is running marathons, running inter-states and all that barefoot – just beautifully slaying it all.

If he doesn’t inspire you get work your ass off to go out and workout, then we don’t know what will. It also doesn’t hurt to follow him for the sake of it – because he is so god damn dreamy and good looking. He is the ambassador for Pinkanthon – a charity for breast cancer and is spreading awareness nationwide by running marathons for them. Did we mention how dreamy he is?


Ranveer is also a Mumbai-based fitness freak and Youtuber – who regularly chronicles his fitness regime with his followers. Describing himself previously a fat person – Ranveer has worked hard to shed the over-weight and till date follows a hard diet and work outs religiously.

You’ll find inspirational quotes, gym workouts and his diet plans.