Ten-Second Takeaway

Men, you may now erase all notions you’ve ever had about a classic jutti. Just slip into a cushy pair by Fizzy Goblet, who do juttis with great detail to design.

Step In This

Fizzy Goblet is one of the first of its kind to contemporarise the Indian jutti. Just a while back, we loved the way they merged Payal Singhal’s design in their last collection, and are here now to throw light on their new menswear collection.

Far from just shaadi shoes, Fizzy Goblet has spun a very modern and classy tale on the old jutti lore, busting a few myths of juttis being painful and uncomfortable, along the way. They make genuine leather shoes, with textured leather, patterned cloth, mixing with contemporary ikat and creating a fabulous shoe at the end of it.


There is something for most, a funky printed jutti for the more experimental amongst us, or a classic gold checked jutti for the seasoned wedding-goer. Choose an open-back ikat shoe or tribal ikat shoe too.

All sizes are available {according to the standard UK sizing}, and in case you want to customise it to a much larger {or smaller} size, they can do that for you, just give them two weeks notice.

So, We’re Saying…

Don’t stay limited to brogues, add these to your wardrobe, stat. Get your pair here.

Photos courtesy: Fizzy Goblet