Ten-Second Takeaway

We discovered Stylflip – an app that lets you buy/sell slightly used, unused and new clothes. We recommend you give it a try.

What Is It?


With the concept of reusing slightly used clothes being hugely popular abroad {Oxifam and others}, it’s good to see India also following suit with Stylflip. A platform to buy and sell apparel and accessories, Stylflip has everything from skirts, dresses, shoes to jewellery at slashed prices.

We found the concept of raiding blogger closets to be fantastic. With most of them possessing fashion-forward items most of the times, it makes for a great opportunity for those who are looking to redo their wardrobe. They also have a Christmas sale with a buy one get one free offer.

So, We’re Saying…

A great way to get your wardrobe filled with high-end brands at slashed prices, we recommend giving it a try. After all, buying a jacket for INR 10,000 can take a backseat. Instead, try buying 10 tops for the same amount instead.

Photos source: StylFlip