Flower Power: Flower-Pressed Jewellery Has Totally Made A Comeback

Dainty jewellery is always timeless, and flower-pressed jewellery honestly takes the cake when it comes to being dainty and chic. We've loved how nature's always around us when we decide to put on jewellery like this, and we gotta show you some of our faves - 

Pressed Lilac Hydrangea Flower Necklace

This pretty necklace by Alankaara is as chic as they come, and can be paired with denims, dresses, or even trousers and a formal outfit. What we love is that it's a great gifting choice for your bestie or even, the girl gang. It's priced at INR 1,050. Get yours already!

Vintage Pansy Love Necklace

If you're into vintage jewellery, LeafyAffair is one brand that really stands out. With Victorian designs, their nature-inspired jewellery pieces are perfect for those who love nature. The brand uses seeds, moss, flowers and other charms as lockets, that will work for every occasion. Priced at INR 1,000, you can pair these with any sort of clothing, or even go all-out boho and give it the spotlight it deserves.

Japanese Blossom Drop Earrings

Alright, we've loved this piece ever since we've laid our eyes on it. Add a little bit of bling to your everyday wardrobe with these pretty earrings by Ferosh. Japanese Blossoms are so pretty to look at, and now, you've got them preserved for good. Pair them with some fancy clothing and you're done for the day! These earrings are priced at INR 599 and we think it's a steal! 

Pressed Flower Drop Earrings

Keep your flower game strong with the pretty pair of vintage flower drop earrings by Zi by Zeanne. For INR 840, these pretty earrings are a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe and will look great with denim wear or even flowery dresses. 

Pressed Himalayan Blue Poppy Necklace

We just had to add this one to our list! The pressed Himalayan blue poppy neckpiece by Alankaara is one way to have preserved this beautiful flower for a long time. We love how simple the neckpiece is, and how well it will blend with every outfit you could possibly own. Buy it for INR 1,500.