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Five Drinking Games To Make Sure Your House Party Isn't A Dud

Bhavika posted on 28 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Drinking games make the world go around, in our opinion, especially when you need the party to get started faster. Sometimes you are too buzzed or disinterested in explaining the rules of the complicated card game you once played, and need a good drinking game. Have you checked these ones out?

Trippy Dice

This fun game has four dice to roll out, each of which tell you who will drink, how much to drink, what action they should be doing alongside and the speed of drinking. It’s a hilarious game, and would insanely escalate the madness at the party.

Price: INR 450 {after discount}

Buy it here.

Drinking Bingo

Bingo isn’t for the old ones. This version of the game requires you to drink up the coloured shot if you roll out that ball from the bingo wheel.

Price: INR 899

Buy it here.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

In this rendition of the game the loser must drink all the shot glasses named after his letter – X or O. We would change the games to all the glasses in general, if we were you.

Price: INR 999

Buy it here.

Drinking Roulette

We love the idea of roulette, cigars, and getting lucky. Here, however, you lose your sobriety as opposed to your money – and that’s as good as it gets.

Price: INR 850 {after discount}

Buy it here.