Ten-Second Takeaway

American pressure-fried chicken brand Genuine Broaster Chicken is spreading its wings {literally} in India this year with the first outlet opening in Versova.

What’s on the menu?

Celebrity chef Harpal Singh Sokhi {of cooking show Turban Tadka} has come on board, and will churn out dishes customised to the Indian palate.

We’re thinking of hogging on Firangi Palak Paneer Dip with grilled pita bread, Begum Fries topped with chicken keema, Anna’s Chicken Idly and Veggie BBQ Pit-Zaa {served on a crispy pita bread base}. They’ve taken fusion cuisine a step ahead with mains like Penne Makhni, Penne Punjabi and Cheese Maskedaar {rich butter masala gravy topped with melting cheese cubes}.

Beverages like Chul Bul Soda, Bul Bul Soda and Palang Tod {a virgin avatar of Jagerbomb} have us brimming with culinary excitement. For dessert, they’have Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice cream, Caramel Lava Cake and Chef’s special Gulkand Muffin.

And The Decor?


‘Vintage grunge’ is the phrase to describe the interiors at GBC. A typical old-school neighbourhood American diner with rustic vintage furniture, mosaic mirror walls along with a white and brick wall finish, ornamental windows and American upholstery is what you can expect with a casual vibe.

When: Opens Wednesday, Aug 10

Photos courtesy: Genuine Broaster Chicken