What Is It?

Genuine Broaster Chicken, Versova’s fried chicken destination we told you about earlier has made an offer that nobody can refuse. They’re offering unlimited beer and fried chicken at INR 599 {Kingfisher Premium} and INR 699 {for Kingfisher Ultra} for lunch.

If you’re not into chicken {we understand}, how about gorging on a palak paneer burger and chilling with a pint of beer at INR 235? Genuine Broaster Chicken has some drool worthy offers going on throughout the week and we recommend you give them a spin during weekdays {because they are not valid on weekends}.

Who Is It For?


Do you like your weekdays cheery with beer and filled with schedule of good food? There it is, the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Why Should I Go?

We’ve seen it in The Simpsons and now we can do it. Want to enact Homer’s life and have a beery good week? You know where to ‘doh now.

Anything Else?

If you’re not into chugging beer and stuffing you face with chicken, do give their smaller packages a try. The offer is valid till January 31. 2017 already looks good.

Photos courtesy: Genuine Broaster Chicken