Ten-Second Takeaway

Fancy jazzing up your room, or living room by putting in a quirky neon sign? We have the perfect shop, ‘Sign N Glow’ for you to turn that dream into a reality.

All You Need Is A Neon Sign

Did you want your room to look like a Pinterest dream and have been bookmarking ‘How to DIY lights in your room’? Well now you can get a customised neon sign made for your room, or living room by hitting up Sign N Glow, on Link Road, near the Audi Showroom in Andheri West.

It’s a tiny shop that’ll make neon, glow signs and boards for you. Run by Abdul R Khan, they offer all sorts of services for making these custom-neon boards. Whether you’re looking for a tiny letter, a small word, or even a long phrase – he’ll do it all. Want a beautiful Eiffel Tower up on the wall – one that glows? Tell him – and it’ll be customised for you.


Photo: Jayati Bhola/ LBB

He tells us the signs and boards can be made in brass, with diamond covering, on steel, or even with leather mouldings. A simple acrylic symbol with a colour of your choice would cost INR 450 to INR 550.

Anything Else?

The cost for a single neon letter, or board or even a word is INR 150 per inch. Depending on the amount of signs/boards ordered and what kind of moulding is required, it’ll take up to seven days.

So, We’re Saying…

Get these neon signs and put them up above your bed for a beautiful glow in the dark setting. If you need sign suggestions, we say start off with classic ‘Always’ – and if you get the Potter reference, we can be good friends.

Featured photo source: Lestat via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)