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#LBBPicks: Dreamy Wall Art Makes Its Way From Los Angeles To Mumbai

Bhavika posted on 02 August


Black Crow Studios, a wall paper and frameable wall art brand from Los Angeles is now available in India.

Why Should I Get This?

Swirling and whimsical watercolours on the wall, gorgeous colours, and understated design is what we are loving here. Brought to India by interior designers Rushda Hakim and Rishita Das, co-founders of interiors firm Design Office, the thought was to make contemporary art more attainable in India.

This is for the design-oriented, the modern minimalists and the silent boundary-pushers who would like to add tasteful art to their walls {and ceilings}.

How Do I Get This?

Their collection can be found on the website House of Things here. After having a look at the designs, you can fix up a personal consultation with the designers to ideate on what design would best suit your space and how – as a framed wall hanging or as a more border-less wallpaper.