Get Your Writing {Or A Favourite Quote} Inscribed On Lamps, Bags And More


Ever felt like there’s a book in you? Or a Sonam Gupta who’s turned you into a jilted lover poet? Meet Kavi – The Poetry Art Project, who’ll turn those random musings into things of art.

The brand is for everyone who takes pride in their writing. So if you have something {of value} to say by the way of quotes, poems, rhyming lines or anything, these guys will take them and put them on eco-friendly lamps, bags, coasters, frames, earrings, cushion covers and more.

Immortalise Those Words

This eco-friendly range of home decor stuff has a literary leaning that sets it apart from others in this line of work. The artists who work on creating these products innovatively recycle old beer/wine bottles, discarded corks, Fanta wrappers and the like by adding a little poem or quote. This approach is what won Kavi a mention in the Limca Book Of Records last year.

Get Those Deep Thoughts Out

You don’t have to force the metaphysical poet out of you if you don’t feel like it {go back to watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s finee}. A borrowed thought works just as well.

Check them out if you want to be inspired as soon as you enter your room. A happy message engraved on to a lamp next to your bed, perhaps? Kavi has already customised knick knacks for 30,000 people who approached them with ideas. They even put on their creative hats and designed a special literary bag for Kalki Koechlin and a lamp for Javed Akhtar to ship off as gifts.

So, We’re Saying…

These key hangers from old bottles are adorable and cost just INR 599. We’re also kinda liking this lamp to light up those romantic evenings with bae when eating pizza in bed is all we want to do. Browse through more options here.