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    Try Cupcake Soaps & Chocolate Face Masks When You've Had A Rough Night

    Jayati posted on 28 December


    Smell like a million bucks {or chocolate} with handmade and natural products from Bliscent, a Mumbai-based skincare band offering products like face masks, lip butters, body polish, body mousse and more.

    Smell Delicious With Choco, Vanilla And More

    Bliscent was started off in 2014 by co-founder and friends, Karishma Gupta and Shefali Shah. With a passion for beauty and skincare, all with natural products, Bliscent was created to provide people with an alternative to the mass skincare brands out in the market.

    Therefore, with ‘natural and handmade’ as the buzzwords at its core, Bliscent created products that skip everything that’s deals in chemicals, sticking to pure natural homely ingredients.

    What We Love

    The deliciously smelling handmade soaps, body mousses, lip balms and basically every products they create. All of the products are handmade and created with natural oils along with natural ingredients like ground almond, orange peel powder basically devoid of any preservatives or chemicals}.

    We are absolutely in love with the cupcake soaps {they literally look like beautiful cupcakes with a hint of glitter on them}. They also have a sinful range of body polish which come in sparkling berries and tropical vanilla flavours. They also offer delightful body mousse, homemade lip balms, hair oil, and rosemary face cream. Apart from this, all the coffee addicts, how about a coffee beans cupcake soap or a coffee eye mousse {to soothe all those late night dark circles?}. Chocoholics aren’t left behind as well, as the chocolate cheek mask is truly a rewarding gift. It’s super refreshing, and trust us, post the mask treatment we felt like a sweet bar of chocolate ourselves.

    Anything Else?

    To order these products, just send them a message on Facebook or mail them at, and you’ll get a quick response. There’s a standard delivery charge across Mumbai. The products come packed in cute Blicscent merchandise, and are often easy to carry around in our handbags as well, especially the sweet-smelling lip balms.

    So, We're Saying...

    Kick off 2017 with natural, handmade homegrown products and pamper yourself with cupcake soaps, chocolate masks and so much more. Plus on the upside, you’ll always be smelling deliciously fresh.

    Price: INR 150 upwards

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