Fit On A Budget: Gyms That Will Cost You Less Than INR 2,000 A Month


    Planning on hitting up a gym but also weary of the year-long membership? We’ve all been there, a year-long membership screams commitment. Following our super-budget gyms under INR 1,000, we’ve rounded up gyms that you can join that offer memberships that’ll cost you INR 2,000 and below. Bookmark these and leave your excuses at home.

    Cloud 9 Fitness Club

    This gym in Mahim is for anyone who’s looking for sort-of a central location. Work in SoBo or the suburbs? Mahim isn’t much of a trek either way. Cloud 9 Fitness club offers a range of workout sessions at their gym, along with a personal floor trainer who’ll guide you with those.

    The gym offers workouts like cardio, a mix of cardio, strength training, bodybuilding and even functional training like circuit training.

    #LBBTip: They also offer a specific weight loss training program and TRX training.

    Membership fee: INR 1,500 per month {via Fitternity}

    Seawood Fitness Factory

    Seawood Fitness Factory is perfect for Navi Mumbai residents. Started off by three partners, one being a trainer himself, the gym promotes all sort of workouts with the help of personal trainers.

    The gym is open on all days, and offers workouts like cross training, zumba, yoga and they even have a sauna. However, with the one month’s membership,

    Membership fee: INR 1,300 per month {includes cardio}

    Stamina Gym

    Stamina Gym

    Andheri East, Mumbai

    Something for the Andheri East residents, or even Andheri West people, Stamina gym is aptly named. Based out of Andheri East, Stamina is a spacious and well-equipped.

    The access to gym includes cardio and their personal trainers who’ll be there for guidance on diet counselling and more.

    Membership price: INR 1,999 {via fitternity}

    Trio Fitness

    Trio Fitness

    Kandivali East, Mumbai

    Trio Fitness is in Kandivali. Yes, we know it’s far and out, but hey, we’re being inclusive here. Trio Fitness offers a range of fitness services to their patrons, including boot camps, and bodybuilding.

    With their monthly memberships, you have access to their well-equipped gym and their floor trainers.

    Membership fee: INR 1,800 per month

    Body Craft Fitness And Wellness

    Based out of Goregaon East, Body Craft fitness and wellness offer monthly memberships to their patrons. In fact, they also offer custom fitness plans based on your specific body type, diet and requirement.

    With their monthly subscription, you not only gain access to the gym and gym equipment {including cardio workouts}, they have their floor trailers.

    Membership fee: INR 1,800