What Is It?

Want the amazing cutlery you see at the Social? Or the amazing decor items they use to quirk up the space? You can now buy them all as Social is set to launch their own merchandise line.

Who Is It For?


Have you heard of the Maal Mela at the Todi Mill Social? No? Then read this. This Saturday, Social {across the country} will host the launch of #Maal by Social, which is basically a fun party to announce their new range of merchandise. The brand that has always been known for surprising everyone with something unique every time is now unveiling its merchandise range that will be available at all Social outlets across India. The products will be cool and quirky and designed in the typical signature Social style {with hashtags and all the jazz}.

Why Should I Go?

The new range of products will include quarter bottles, chai kettles, dava-daaru bottles, achaar jars, cutting chai glasses, breakfast trays, no-nonsense enamel plates and even a miniature bathtub. Now, who doesn’t want these? The Maal Mela will be a chilled-out afternoon affair where you can sip your chilled beer and play tons of nostalgic games like ‘Ring the Maal’ and darts, which also means you can win exciting offers. Wait, there’s more! The entire beverage menu will have a buy one and get one free offer for two hours between noon to 2pm.

So, We’re Saying…


So, all of you who’ve ever laid envious eyes on the crockery at Social, and considered nicking one while no one’s looking, Social now has you covered.

Where: Todi Mill Social,  242, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel

When: Noon to 4pm, Sat, Nov 5

Photos courtesy: Social Offline