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    Get These Fresh Smoothies Home-Delivered For A Healthy Start To 2017

    Jayati posted on 22 December

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Get healthy smoothies home-delivered from Seedy Smoothies, the newest smoothie service in town.

    Smooth{ie} Operation

    Husain Khatmudi is the brainchild behind Seedy Smoothies, a concept brought to life to fill the gap in the city’s lack of ‘wholesome drinks’. Therefore, these nutritious smoothies were set up with the home-delivery concept in order to make it convenient for people to have access to healthy drinks.

    What We Love

    The smoothies are refreshing, tasty and really nutritious. They are created in a way to blend the fruits and freshly squeezed juice to retain the vitamins, minerals and fiber from the pulp. The smoothies also come in tiny bottles {250 ml} which we think is really easy to discard and drink from.

    The smoothies in come six flavours: simply tropical, passion guava, strawberry & kiwi testers, mango fusion, celery blazer and super greens. Our favourite is the super green, it’s a mix of kale, apple, orange and kale and and we think is the right pick-me-up we need every morning. You can either individual smoothie as and when you require, or opt for their monthly subscriptions, wherein these smoothies will get delivered at your doorstep {on Mondays and Thursdays}.

    So, We're Saying...

    Looking for a healthier alternative for your packed juices or super expensive smoothies? How about starting a subscription of seedy smoothies to get on board the ‘healthy diet’.

    Price: One bottle of 250 ml is for INR 100. Trial package is INR 1,425 per month {15 smoothies}

    Buy a smoothie here.

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