Jayati posted on 20th December

We Found Three Mumbai Nurseries You Can Hit Up For A Real Christmas Tree

Ten-Second Takeaway

With a week to go for Christmas, we are sure the preparations are in full swing. Don’t we all love setting up a beautiful tree and then decorate it up with ornaments, lights and sometimes stocking too. We of course mean the real deal ,and not the fake trees out there. A new, fresh and fruity tree. We’ve spoke to three nurseries in Mumbai that stock real Christmas tree also called Araucaria {its botanical name}. So hop on and get a beautiful tree to be merry tis season.

Lila Nursery, Santacruz

Lila Nursery in Santacruz has been there for almost 40 years now. Their aim is to make Mumbai greener and hence they stock all sorts of plants, and pots and fruits to ensure their customers have a variety of things to choose from.

This year, they have some beautiful araucaria stocked. Kiran Mehta, who runs the nursery tells us the trees are sourced fresh from Bangalore, a thing they do ever year. The trees comes in different sizes and shapes. They don’t offer home-delivery as he believes picking out the right tree in person is as much part of the Christmas tradition as any. Trees are available in sizes of 4 ft, 6ft and even an 8ft.

Price: INR 200 for 2ft, INR 400 for 4ft and INR 800 upwards plus additional charges of the pot

Contact: 022 2660 1299

Floraland Nursery

Floraland Nursery located in Pali Naka in Bandra houses Christmas trees as well. Set up way back in 1989 by Ashok Shah, they have a variety of plants, flowers, and services one can avail.

This year too they have been getting a good response from customers inquiring about the Christmas trees at offer.

Price: INR 250 upwards for 2 feet tall Xmas tree

Contact: 9820094628

New Meena Nursery, Santacruz

New Meena Nursery in Santacruz generally has a huge collection of real trees every year. They source their plants from Talegaon farm in Pune. However, this year they are only left with a few pieces as the demand has been really insane this year. Though they do stock this tree all-year round as well.

Price: They have two pieces of 5.5 feet trees left {for INR 700}, and a couple of smaller one of 2.5 feet for INR 225.

Contact: 42667559


These trees can be kept all-year round so please do not discard them once the season is over. They are easy to take care of, and we say have a Christmas vibe through out the year.