Chow Down On The Iyer Wedding Experience With This Home Chef

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Southern Food Trail is the latest home dining experience to hit the suburbs of Mumbai – bringing authentic South Indian food prepared at the chef’s home and served on a typical banana leaf.

A Taste Of South India

Formed out of passion for cooking a cuisine so dear to his heart, Sai, the chef and the organiser started this home dining experience only recently. Following its soft launch, the first home dining experience opened on Saturday September 23. This will for the time being will happen only the weekends, so people can take the time out to come and enjoy this experience.

According to him, it’s more of a social dining experience, wherein anyone and everyone is welcome to make reservations with him. He generally serves the typical food that one may find at Iyer weddings – served on a big banana leaf.

Chow Down

The menu is really diverse and offers wholesome dishes for the patrons. It starts from Thair Pachadi {grated cucumber in curd}, with sweet pachadi, going to the mains that include poriyal {veggies sauted in cocunut} and kara curry to kooto {stew prepared with lentils and veggies}. Not to forget, the famous rasam would be served as well. Comfortable table will be be set up for you, so you can enjoy and interact with the chef and other patrons there. It’s going to be a purely vegetarian meal – with the right amount of spices and flavours – the real ghar ka khana.

So, We're Saying...

Have you been missing your thalis of South India and don’t know where to go? Head to Sai’s for an afternoon of indulgent eating, meeting new people and of course, experience the true flavours of South India.

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays, 12.30pm to 3.30pm

Price: INR 450 per meal


Since the food is entirely prepared by Sai himself, do make sure to reserve the confirmations to him in advance.


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