All the home birds who hate stepping out for runs, prefer to be alone while doing push-ups {or do it on the bed} or are just anxious facing the hoard of people at the gym, how about setting up a home gym instead? On a budget? We got your back.

Bonus advantage: You don’t have to step out to get these.

#LBBTip: If you have the liberty to convert a room/corner into a gymming space, it’s always great to have a mirror. Purely to look at yourself getting transformed {you are your own inspiration}.

Working those biceps and triceps is better when done in your comfort zone {we're clumsy and have dropped those on account of weak arms at the gym}.
Get these dumbells with handles at INR 800 {they have handles for aerobics and cross fit moves as well} here and these 2 kg {without handles} loads here at INR 320.

Aiming for washboard abs but don't care to kill yourself with countless crunches? Get this tummy trimmer for INR 350 instead. Work it while you watch a re-run of Friends. We'll probably keep a cookie on the side table to treat ourselves {just in case we need prodding}.

Did you know that skipping makes you lose weight faster in comparison to running? Now you do. It's the cheapest and the most efficient gear you can buy to be fit. Going on a trip? Carry it along in case you can't go running and don't want to feel guilty about skipping it. Get this one at INR 130.

If you'd rather use a chair for dips, bear in mind that it may not be the right height or have a the grip. Plus, benches are adjustable and can help you do a number of exercises. Get one here at INR 2,309.

Exercise those abs,back, glutes,hips,arms and other muscles with a gym ball. It includes a two-way hand pump in case it loses air. It's available at INR 675 here.

You know, for when you want to work that glow through a few Surya Namaskars. One of the most basic things needed to exercise, any form of exercise can be done on this without bruising ankles, knees or elbows. Get it here at INR 365.

Featured photo source: Flipkart and Snapdeal