What Is It?

A unique new festival is taking place in Pune called the Underwater Festival. In this one-day event, a bunch of sporting activities will take place, for both those who swim and those who flail their arms about in water. There will be an underwater hockey game where they will train you and engage you in the real deal too {for swimmers}, along with dive games, an underwater playground which includes activities in water for both non-swimmers and swimmers. We do believe it will be a splash of fun.

Who Is It For?

This festival would mostly interest people who love to swim, or if not that, at least waddle in the water.

Why Should I Go?

This is the first time we are hearing about an event such as this. If you’re a water baby, and have a competitive bone or two in you – there’s no real reason not to be here, is there? Plus, it’s in Pune, so you could make a proper weekend trip of it.

Anything Else?

There will also be information given on scuba diving, dive spots in India, and all the diving 101 you need to get into the deep end of the sea. Get your tickets here.

When: Nov 27

Where: Divisional Sports Complex, Shastri Rod, Shastrinagar,  Yerwada, Pune

Timings: 9am–3pm

Price: Rs. 2,500 upwards

Featured Photo: Pune Underwater Festival