Have You Had A Traditional North Indian Thali That's Totally Vegan & Gluten-Free?



    Golden Chariot in Andheri makes North Indian food to delicious make one’s mouth water, and but guess what – it is not loaded with ghee, butter and oil. Check this all-good thali out.

    All Vegan

    A very popular restaurant in Andheri, most know Golden Chariot for when they want to indulge in butter chicken, really good garlic naan and of course, the classic dal makhni with a dose of cream thrown in for good measure.

    Here’s a little inside tip, though: they have a no oil, no sugar, vegan and gluten-free thali that they offer every day for lunch and for dinner. Vegans in the area swear by it, and while the exact contents change every day, it includes a combination of jowar bakri {roti}, or rice {pulao, fried rice}, and two sabzis. Sometimes there is Thai curry, dhokla, halwa and more on the offer. The chhaas or lassi served is made from nut butter, no milk is used.

    What makes this thali unique is that an Indian thali has vegan and gluten-intolerant audiences in mind. No oil and sugar are put, and jaggery instead of sugar is used to sweeten the dishes. This thali is for INR 400.

    In fact, they even have a delivery tiffin service serving a more compact version of this healthy thali, priced at INR 200. They deliver across Mumbai.

    So, We're Saying...

    A meal with the family doesn’t have to mean completing demolishing your diet. In fact, if you’re going with someone who is a vegan, has sugar-issues, this is a great option to consider.

    Do bear in mind that these thalis are not available through the day – lunch is served around 1pm and dinner at 8pm. Happy healthing eating!