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#LBBLoves: Simple, Elegant Knick Knacks For Your Home…Made Of Concrete

Apoorva posted on 29th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Gomaads is the brainchild of three architects who decided to do something ‘mad’ with concrete: and came up with small and delicate products that seem to defy the material they’re made of.

What To Shop

They use cement casting techniques to create their products. They needs the right proportion of the cement mixture to bring everything together. Besides creating accessories such as clocks, planters, bowls, t-lights, magnets, paper weights, ash trays, trivets, napkin rings, platters and showpieces, they are also developing a line of furniture fusing cement with wood and metal.

These are limited edition products, made to order, and the price varies between INR 500 to INR 3,000.

So, We're Saying

We’re obsessed with Gomaads, and how delicate yet strong the decor looks. Can you imagine it on a vividly painted wall? We can.

Check out their website here.


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