Gorge On Mexican Crepes & An Australian Mud Pie At This Thane Joint

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We hogged on two super delicious items, the Mexican Crepe and the Australian Mud Pie at D’Crepes Cafe in Thane and it’s safe to say that we’re going to return to have those again.

Chow Down

We had good expectations from this place, basis what we had read and heard. So when we went in there, we were super excited. We tried the Australian Mud Pie (INR 120} which came with a huge layer of rich chocolate {made with large amounts of dark chocolate}. The base was crispy and so was the thickness of the mousse.

The Mexican Crepe that we ordered was a spicy one. Loaded with cheese and jalapenos, the crepe was a different and unique variation of what you generally eat. They had a stuffing full of corn, Mexican beans and much more. It tasted kind of like a fajita. It truly deserved the name it got, as the taste was delicious and well balanced. Priced at INR 210, this was totally value for money.

So, We’re Saying…

Thane peeps, here’s a rather delicious joint waiting to feed you all their awesome dishes.