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Reunion Bar & Kitchen


Hog Out: There's An All-Pork Festival Happening At This Mahim Bar Right Now

Shalvi posted on 21 December

What Is It?

Your friendly Mahim drinking joint, Reunion Bar & Kitchen is hosting the Porky-mon Christmas food festival where naturally, as it suggests, there will be all things pork on the menu until December 29.

Who s It For?

For anyone who loves pork more than anything else.

Why Should I Go?

Because, have you seen their menu yet? Reunion hosted the Goan food festival last Christmas and this year the Porkey-mon Christmas Food Festival is where you will find an exhaustive menu with amazing Porkey-mon dishes. At this festival, one can eat all the pork they want to in amazing new ways and in fantastic lip-smacking flavours.


The menu comprises a cold cut platter {ham, salami, sausages, roast pork, rolled pork, INR 1,200}, assorted pork platter {pork ribs, pork sausages, pork chops, crumbed pork, etc., INR 1,500}, spring roll {pancake stuffed with marinated pork which is deep fried, INR 350}, pork burrito {INR 450}, barbecue pork ribs {INR 350}, etc. For the mains, they will have the classic pork chops {INR 550}, winey pork {cooked in red wine, INR 550}, red pork Thai curry {INR 500}, pork roulade {INR 650}, pork casserole {INR 500}, pasta in carbonara sauce {INR 450} and fat man's pork {cooked with sage and onion stuffing with an apple sauce and gravy, INR 650}.

Anything Else?

This festival is great and has a complete value-for-money offer running. They will also serve alcohol during this festival. So look forward to Goa's Kings beer for INR 69 and Budweiser for INR 99.

Where: Reunion Bar & Kitchen, 204, Ground Floor, Sai Niwas, LJ Road, Near City Light, Dadar Shivaji Park

When: Noon to midnight, ongoing till Dec 29

Photos courtesy: Reunion Bar & Kitchen

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204, Ground Floor, Sai Niwas, LJ Road, Near City Light, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai


Reunion Bar & Kitchen