Ten-Second Takeaway

Head to Hill Road and find these two adjacent stores – Seven and 7 Star, both of which will cater to all your Christmas needs, from beautiful trees to fancy decorations.

What Should I Buy?


We’d buy the shops had we had that kind of money. Honestly, everything about both these shops is so inviting, that it’s hard to resist. They have amazing Christmas trees starting at just INR 150 for a two-feet-long tree going up to INR 9,500 for an eight-feet-long tree. But what’s a tree without decorations, right?

So look forward to some really cute bells, snowflakes, miniature Santa Claus, and more for INR 150. You will find lovely socks for INR 100 and cute candle sets for INR 150. They have an amazing collection of LED Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman and even a Christmas tree and various sizes, starting INR 1,000 upwards. These will be a great investment for those who celebrate Christmas at their home every year.

So, We’re Saying…


If you’re looking for that perfect tree or are waiting to get started, you have got to visit these two shops at Hill Road and we promise you won’t get out empty-handed.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB