What is It?

An offer you cannot refuse! For four hours on Monday, January 16, the Versova Social will sell wine for INR 16 per glass and this is going to be an amazing way to down their newly launched house wine!

Who Is It For?

14012017_SocialWine01You, us and everyone else who loves their wine. Since the Versova Social is the company’s 16th outlet in the country, going with the number of outlets and the date, Versova Social is serving glasses of its newly launched Social House Red and Social House White wine at just INR 16 {wish we could say we’re joking, but we aren’t}.

Why Should I Go For It?


Photo: Aman Deshmukh/LBB

To beat them Monday blues. Four hours of wine priced at INR 16 per glass, served to you on a perfectly chilly afternoon sitting in a gorgeous terrace garden is incentive enough for you to make your way there.

Anything Else?

The offer starts at 12 noon and goes on till 4pm on Monday, January 16, so make sure you make the most of this offer and have a glass, or two, or even four of their specially made house wines. See you there!

Photos courtesy: Versova Social