Jayati posted on 25th January

All Strings Attached: Take Charge Of 2017 And Learn To Play The Guitar

Let 2017 be the year you break away from your shell and hone a new musical skill. A beautiful melody here, and a beautiful note there, learning guitar is equal parts fun and satisfying. No age barrier, go all out and learn how to play a guitar, because why not?

Ashley Rebello

A full-time musician and guitar teacher, Ashley takes one-on-one classes out of his Khar home. He tells us he has students aged from year six to 60, adding that there’s no appropriate age to not learn a new skill.

Every class is 45 minutes long, wherein depending on the student’s ability, the class is shaped. Ashley prefers meeting his students before they sign up with him – he is all about sincerity. The class timings and days can be fixed at per your convenience, however, you’re expected to stick to the routine once it’s been set.

#LBBTip: There’s a non-refundable term fee of INR 800 before the classes begin.

Fee: INR 4,000 per month {four sessions}

Contact: +91 88793 89383

Sidharth Kadadi

Sidharth Kadadi is the guitarist of the metal band Zygnema, but in his free time he is spreading the beauty of music. Sidharth takes classes on weekdays and weekends, however weekdays since he is also busy with his band and gigs, weekends is when group classes happen.

You can either take a class at his house in Kandivali {close to the station}, or take private lessons. There are generally about two-three students in one group. We’ve been told by a regular student he encapsulates theory as well practical aspect of learning the guitar. Since he’s also the academic consultant for Trinity College London’s Rock and Pop examination, his students are encouraged to sit for the exams and get graded.

Fee: INR 2,000 per month via Skype lesson {four sessions}, Private lessons INR 4,000 per month {four sessions}, INR 1,500 for a six-hour master class session

Contact: +91 99207 91221

Dhawal Shah

Dhawal Shah is another person to contact if you want to slay those chords this year. Dhawal takes the classes out of his Shivaji Park House, and is also open to a one-on-one private tuition.

There’s no age barrier whatsoever, so whether you’re 20 or 40, just get on to strumming those chords. His teaching style is flexible and is worked around to suit the students. If you’re an absolute beginner, he’ll start you with the basics. Once you’re accustomed to the guitar, and know the basics {practical and theory} he will ask for your preference.

Fee: INR 1,500 for group classes at his house, INR 700 per class {private classes one-on-one}, INR 500 per class {private classes at his house}

Contact: +91 98201 60035

Anuj Nandu

Anuj Nandu takes guitar classes out in the open in Matunga on weekends. In fact, to learn guitar, you need not buy your own guitar as he will offer his own spare guitar. Of course, if you want to practice on your own, getting your own guitar will help you practice on your own.

He takes his classes on weekends, which is great for all office-goers or anyone who has a busy schedule on weekdays.

Fees: INR 1,500 per month, and you can sign up for these classes by writing to Anuj on anujn16@gmail.com or calling him on +91 98200 77408.