Check Out These 4 Hair Treatment Services For All Your Hair Fall Woes You Didn't Know Existed

On some days, you just end up waking up on the wrong side of the bed. When you start your day wrong, it’s rarely ever possible to make it go right as you go on. If you think about it, you’ll realise that most of these things that can spoil your day in the very beginning have to do with your hair! Be it waking up to a bunch of hair on your pillow, or finding more hair than normal on your brush once you’re done brushing, or that itch and pain in your scalp that just won’t go away- our hair mark how our days go more than we realise. After all, isn’t a bad hair day just a bad day? 

Hair fall occurs to different people for different reasons. Most women out there experience hair-thinning due to various reasons such as environmental factors, hormonal imbalances and ageing. For 95% of men who experience hair fall, however, the reason ends up being male-pattern baldness. Well, if you’re being plagued by hair care issues, worry no more. We’ve compiled a list of hair treatment techniques that can control hair fall, return that young sheen to your hair, make it look voluminous, and take away the whole idea of bad hair days! Best part? We also found the best place to get these treatments done at. Read on to find out!

Meso Hair Regain For Stronger Roots

Often, the hair fall treatment techniques that most of us prefer are the non-surgical one. Meso Hair Regain is one of these procedures, where Clinic Dermatech’s doctors evaluate your specific requirements to ensure you’re given the best treatment possible, customised for your needs. The formulation used in this treatment is a potent mix of 56 active hair fall inhibitors. Result? Stronger, thicker follicles that don’t allow hair fall. 

Looking For Volume? Check Out Stem Cell Hair Regain

Stem Cell Hair Regain is one of the most advanced technologies out there for treating hair fall and hair thinning. This kind of treatment involves the use of high-potency serum composed of Adipose-derived stem cells (ASC) extracts. These ASC extracts are responsible for generating hair growth and adding that extra volume of hair to your head. Thanks to Clinic Dermatech, this is also another non-surgical treatment! The delivery mechanism used is determined by the doctors at Clinic Dermatech depending upon your exact requirements. Yay, technology!

You Already Got The Solution With You With PRP Hair Regain

It’s always best to know the science behind these treatment methods so that you know what you’re signing up for. Often enough, it is your body itself that holds the solution to all your problems, and Clinic Dermatech’s PRP Hair Regain treatment is based exactly upon this. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and this hair regain technique uses your own platelet-enriched blood, and this acts as a protein-rich catalyst for inducing hair-growth and helps in repairing the damaged cells. Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it sounds. PRP Hair Regain is also a nonsurgical treatment with which Clinic Dermatech keeps your safety first. 

The Best of Both Worlds With CD Hair Regain System

Now that you know about both PRP hair regain as well as hair treatment using ASC extracts, we’ll let you in on a secret treatment offered exclusively by Clinic Dermatech. CD Hair Regain System combines the power of your own platelet-enriched blood along with Adipose-derived stem cells. The result is a brilliant regenerative medicine that reverses all signs of hair-thinning and gives you photo-perfect voluminous hair that shine like never before. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

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After looking at all these options, we’ve already breathed a sigh of relief. As long as our head of hair is in safe hands, anti-hair fall techniques sound like the absolute best option. We’re already thinking about those gram-worthy images we’ll soon be taking! For getting the best treatment possible, locate a Clinic Dermatech near you- they have outlets all over the country. 

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