Get Dainty Kulhads For A Heartwarming Cuppa From This Ceramic Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Ceramics. They are such an easy way to add some charm to your home. And if you hoard mugs and cups, then you'll relate with Mysa's founder, Rishita. A self-proclaimed mug hoarder, she turned her passion for ceramics into a business. Originally trained as a chartered accountant, she spent one and a half years in the corporate sector before deciding to channel her passion into a full-time job. Mysa's is a Mumbai-based brand run by Rishita and her sister Bhavita and the name is inspired by the Swedish word Mysa meaning finding contentment and comfort through an activity or work, which for them is through the process of creating ceramicware.

    Each of Mysa's products is handcrafted and artisan-made. The brand works with local potters to create unique pieces that combine the brand's own designs with the potter's craftsmanship. As each piece is made by hand, they are all unique in some way while being harmonious with Mysa's style. The style is decidedly minimal (yay for those of us who like minimal patterns) and also aim to be statement pieces that you can use with pride and will definitely add an artistic touch to your table settings. It's all about incorporating art in your everyday life, and isn't that something we could all use more of?

    Mysa's products are priced between INR 500 to 750 for the most part, which isn't too steep considering every piece is made by hand. If you're wondering what to buy, I've got my eye on their rustic kulhads - I absolutely love the one with a floral pattern and the blue and white glazed ones. I have plans of sipping on my chai sitting by the window with these or serving up a smashing up of ginger chai in one of these pretty kulhads, to friends.  


    You can order their range online. They ship pan India and charge INR 70 for delivery.