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These Vintage Black & White Prints Will Make Your Room Look Like A Dream

Bhavika posted on 14 December


Art that reflects your mood is not always easy to find. In these black and white graphic illustrations by Radhika, however, we think there’s something everyone will like. Take a look.

Patterns and Prints

Delicately drawn wisps of smoke ascending from the pipe of an old man, or a little girl sleeping under the stars are only a few of the prints she makes. Radhika is an Indian graphic designer who is currently working from Denmark and selling her art online.

She manages to lend a wistful, almost melancholic tone to her pen-made illustrations. If we had to choose, we would almost certainly pick her Vintage Series in which she has picked up objects of the past such as an old typewriter, a dial phone or a Singer sewing machine and drawn them in much detail. The 8 x 12 inches one is priced at INR 1,880. You can choose your size, the base and whether you want it framed or unframed, and the prices will vary accordingly.

So, We’re Saying…

We’d not even blink before putting Radhika’s work on our walls, and definitely think you should consider it too.

Her vintage collection is available here.

Her other works can be bought at Etsy here.