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    Hammocks In The Trees, Bonfires And Live Music At This Magical Camping Trip

    Jayati posted on 21 November

    What Is It?

    Check off chilling in mid air surrounded by lush green nature under bright clear stars in Karjat. Organised by Moonstone Hammock, this 'winter' camp is happening on 26 November and 27 November.

    Ditch those comfortable quilts for a night beneath the stars, huddle up around a bonfire as the gentle winter shiver start kicking in. Surrounded by trees, water bodies and your best pals, our new camping season means newer experiences! ‘White Nights’, our theme for winter camping is a fresh take on conventional camping concepts.

    Who Is It For?


    For nature lovers and travel lusting folks. This camping trip is for everyone and anyone who's looking to escape to the wonders of nature. The beautiful camping site will have two droolworthy tents this time around - tree tents and floating tents.

    The tree tents would be suspended from the tree - so you truly believe in magic. If floating in the air doesn't do for you, how about floating on water? You can also opt for their floating tents, if you wish, and experience something you haven't before.

    #LBBTip: These tents are up for grabs on first-come-first basis, so make sure to reach there on time and call dips. If not, regular tents are available there too.

    Why Should I Go?


    To truly embark on an adventure with hanging hammocks, floating tents in the beautiful and scenic weekend destination of Karjat.

    There'll be live music, bonfire and of course, some good old grilling because what's a camp sans bbq? Dinner and breakfast will be served as well - to keep up our vacation appetite. One can even rent bicyles to explore the nearby area, and all sorts of fun group activities have been planned to keep everyone entertained.

    Anything Else?

    The transportation to the camp and back is included in the cost, along with dinner, breakfast and tents.

    So, We're Saying…

    There's no need to look beyond India for those camping goals - just head to Karjat for a splendid chilling in the air trip.

    Price: INR 2,890 per person

    To buy the tickets, go here.

    Photos courtesy: Moonstone Hammock

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